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18 Billion Flies Can't Be Wrong!

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Save $3.17 per trap!

This is really just a case of 50 Flies Be Gone non-toxic fly taps just like the ones shipped to retailers all over the world and to our Armed Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.
We've just been having fun with the names!

Seriously, we've noticed that many of our customers have been ordering 4 and more of our 12PAC Super Savers over the summer.

Do the math: 4x$181.40 (12PAC)=$725.60 less $589 (50PAC)=$136.60 Savings!
That's 9 fly traps FREE! But there's MORE on....

We want to save you and our loyal customers some money.
So here's our Special...

NEW our
50PAC WHOOPER! for Only $589.00!

*Plus FREE Shipping!

Save $3.17 per trap!    A Savings of $158.50 on a case of 50!
Or almost 11 fly traps FREE!   Plus another $20 savings on shipping!

A total savings of $178.50 with FREE shipping!!

50PAC WHOOPER! is a full case of Flies Be Gone non-toxic
fly traps delivered FREE to your home, business, horse ranch, farm, animal hospital, restaurant or business. The use of quantities of Flies Be Gone is not unusual given larger infestations and where stict sanitation is a pirority such as stables and restaurants that cannot afford the presence of flies and the diseases they carry. Typically the cycle will be broken. However to maintain control over a large area or an extended period of time our customers can now increase convenience and save money by ordering our NEW 50PAC WHOOPER!

The 50PAC WHOOPER! includes;

1.Case of (50) famous Flies Be Gone non-toxic fly traps!
2.Dependable FedEx shipping* to     anywhere in the United States     of America! (Email for shipping to      Hawaii & Canada HERE!)

FREE "The Fly Paper" our     exclusive FlyMaster tip sheet!      Learn how to use your Flies Be Gone      more effectively, fun ideas and MORE!

4.100% Money Back Guarantee! 
     "If your Flies Be Gone does not work return it      for a Full Refund."   Simple!

Use your major credit card or PayPal!
*NOTE: FedEx will require your phone number.
Order Your Case of 50 FliesBeGone NOW!
18 Billion Flies Can't Be Wrong!
And Enjoy A Fly Free Summer!

::::: Attn: Military and Government Buyers :::::
FliesBeGone has been awarded
the US Department of Defense
prestigious NSN 3740-01-523-0708
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