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Antique Fly Traps Part I

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The seemingly omnipotent house fly has been a bain to human existance since, well, since human existance.

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Most of the antique fly traps on these pages date back over 200 years. Many used easily available kitchen items for bait, others used chemicals as deadly to humans as they were to the unfortunate fly. You'll note that the principle in catching flies has not changed however with the advancemnt of civilization there are many variations such as lights, printed boxes and electronic gizmos (that barely work). The biggest advancement is in non-toxic attractants, economy of use and effectiveness with the introduction of FliesBeGone non-toxic fly traps.


Enjoy our little fly trap tour into the past.

Oh, you can have one of these lovely antique fly traps as collectors pay as much as $400.00 each!

1917 Patent Tin Fly Trap "PAT. JAN. 23. 1917, MADE IN U.S.A." is stamped antique counter top fly trap. This is a unique two part wire mesh body with tinned sheet iron with a pull-apart center closure and base. A bottom plate fits by pressure up into the lower collar leaving a space for flies to enter upward through a conical push up with a center-hole passage. Once in with the bait, they do not travel downward again and are trapped. This model is 6" tall with a 5" diameter.


An unusual
2-part fly trap designed to be easy to clean. Circa 1940's.


Perfect example of old-time ingenuity, this is a beauty. Authentic hand blown glass marked GLASS CAFO.

The user would put sugar water inside, then cork the top shut. Flies would fly IN through the bottom & not be able to fly OUT through the top. This would date to at LEAST the mid 1930's & probably much earlier than that. After that they stopped using lead in glass & so the glass wouldn't turn the purple hue as shown here. This one is in GORGEOUS condition! They would tie a wire around the neck of these & hang them about. Nowadays they've become quite collectible as gentle reminders of a MUCH gentler time! Nice sized Heavy piece measures 6" tall, 4 1/2" wide.

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