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 FliesBeGone In The Bahamas Islands
(The Islands of the Shallow Sea)

The Bahamas group of tropical islands attainted independence from the United Kingdom in 1973. A world renowned vacation destination, the Bahamas reside East of Florida (U.S.) and North of Cuba in the Atlantic Ocean. The Bahamas also have fly problems with FliesBeGone to the rescue.

You wouldn't think of these beautiful islands of the Bahamas would be home to hundreds of varieties of disease carrying flies. Trapping and killing over 20,000 flies, FliesBeGone non-toxic fly traps are very popular in the Bahamas and are used everywhere people, pets and animals congregate. We're pleased FliesBeGone fly traps are integral in helping make life in the beautiful Bahamas a healthier and a much more pleasant part of the world to experience.
Please take note of the little, elongated, white objects in the FliesBeGone fly traps above and at the left. It is for these objects we are strong proponents of fly traps verses fly repellents;
fly larvae.*

More popularly known as maggots, fly larvae hatch in the trap, stay there and die. In stark contrast repellents bounce the flies off you allowing maggots to thrive on your property only to become more flies! With FliesBeGone, this will NOT happen. By trapping the pregnant flies in the FliesBeGone fly traps the flies and their young cannot get out thus inhibiting and destroying
their own population.

More facts on the Bahamas

*See Our Fly Facts Here
Flies Be Gone pictures from all over!

"This fly trap is amazing! The Flies Be Gone filled up within days leaving our patio nearly fly free!
A HUGE improvement!"
BT, Rialto, CA

NOTE: The photo shows fly larve that will never escape, helping put a stop to the fly breeding cycle - that means NO NEW flies!

June 2008

"I put my Flies Be Gone up just a few days ago and look! After 3 more weeks this thing was full of dead or dying flies. I recommend this Flies Be Gone fly trap to anyone wanting to get rid of flies."
Linda S. Phoenix, AZ

July 2008

"In 2007 I put my trap up and decided to take pictures (BELOW) over 7 days to document back whether this Flies Be Gone really works. I'm impressed...I got more excited as the days passed as by the end of the first week it was full! Good thing I bought 3 of them. Our backyard is livable again! Thanks Flies Be Gone!

Hank R. Paris, Texas    June 2007

Day 2

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 7 (Wow!)
"Incredible! Our back patio was clear of flies in no time. Flies have been especially bad this year. I even got my neighbors to buy FliesBeGone. I took these a year ago to send to you but never did....
can I still get a FREE trap?"
Don H., Houston, TX

Day #1 August 2007

Day #4 August 2007

Day #6 August 2007
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