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Bizarre Fly Websites!
Part I

18 Billion Flies Can't Be Wrong!


Gotta start off with a classic….homemade video by Metal Hedz to Alice Cooper's killer tune Halo of Flies from his 1971 album "Killer."
Murder of a Million Flies is a homemade video. Adult language. Why they are doing this?
Japanese fellow hypnotizing flies? All in Japanese and very funny!
Following is Housefly 7777. The English is a little rough it is very informative. From Poland.
The following is French video Gone Like Flies (R Rated, nudity). Film by Olivier Jagut and music by Bertuf from "A Random Nature." Very interesting music, and stylized imagery.
A fly laying eggs, pretty gross but this is what you get with flies. (gross)
The following is not exactly a "fly" video but Anne McCue's As The Crow Flies from her"Koala Motel" album offers an appealilng retro 1960’s blues/rock sound and a simple video.


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