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18 Billion Flies Can't Be Wrong!

My father used to tell me that "healthy competition is the root of all good business"  We agree and we strongly encourage you to evaluate FliesBeGone for yourself. The United States Armed Forces made real life comparisons in Iraq and they're delighted with FliesBeGone fly traps for their ease of use, economy and most importantly, proven results.

Our competitors run the gamut from dinky fly traps (see our Dinky vs. Macho) that prove themselves expensive compared to FliesBeGone, to glue strips, home-made fly traps, UV zappers to spray misting systems. Keep in mind, these are good products and their marketers are sincere. It's just that some products ARE better than others. We happen to agree with 20 years of use on farms and the fly infested jungles of Africa, horse ranches, and people like you around the world PLUS our soldiers in Iraq that FliesBeGone is a superior product. Here's a few competitors with a few comments: Click on the links. It's fun to see all the frantic ideas out there when the solution is really very simple: FliesBeGone!

We can't talk about competition without mentioning our latest copy-cat Flies Away. You've see the Ads. Billy Mays (Bless him) is a GREAT pitchman. We've watched him for years with great products. However, this Flies Away product fails terribly. Remember what my dad said about "healthy compeition?" Well, this one doesn't even get off the ground. Too bad. The biggest fear we have is that it LOOKS exactly like our Flies Be Gone and could give us a bad reputation. Here, read the Customer Reviews and judge for yourself. Click Here for Amazon reviews of Flies Away

Fly Abatement Systems These are your classic paper sticky strips we all know and love that get caught in your hair. However, we recommend these for indoor use...nothing better!

The site also offers Quick Strike™ Fly Abatement Strips Contains TOXIC Nithiazine which will make your children seriously ill and KILL your pets! We DO NOT recommend this item.

Greenhead Fly   Here's just what we've been waiting for; your designer spray-on, smelly, oily, sticky, fly repellent. OK, it doesn't do all that but we've all tried repellents. They're fun as you get to spray your guests arriving to your BBQ. I'd rather have Silly String, thank you. It's interesting to note the seller spends a whole page explaining product dangers! I'm already alarmed and I have yet to buy the product! Sprays and repellents force flies to lay their eggs elsewhere on your property thus having NO effect on breaking the egglaying cycle as with FliesBeGone.

Their site doesn't allow copying of photos. Selfish for a retailer who needs artwork!

Fly Be Gone fly trap  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. They named their product to sound like FliesBeGone but is now called Rid-Max. The site warned not to tear the screen as you insert your own bait! They also tell how to clean out filthily flies so you can take the trap on vacation (Yuck!). Nothing about how many flies it can catch, nor an MSDS data sheet, or how effective the trap is. Some things are best left unsaid, I suppose (remind me to call my copyright attorney). Site was taken down soon after March 26, 2006 to be replaced with one using our "Got Flies" promo line, product and website colors (as you can see the product is about 98% wire mesh). To bad they don't have any original thinking. Fly Be Gone is now an air travel site.

By the way, just imagine having a poisonous, rotting can of tuna for your children and pets to get to. Besides being smelly and darn right ugly this trap is a tragedy waiting to happen. Also their site implies their trap is used by U.S Forces in Iraq. Our government inquiries came up empty.

AutoMist Fly Control Systems   An automated misting system that is only good in confined spaces and with NO breeze or wind. Cost? $640 to $900, not what I call a practical solution. FliesBeGone gets the flies BEFORE they enter your enclosed spaces. Again, they don't say how many flies it kills. I'm sure theys systems work well, however do you really want to spray your family, pets and horses with fly poison? I didn't think so.

We've had many converts to FliesBeGone complain the mist ends up in their home or offices making all exposed sick. We also hear concerns related to the accumulated effects of the poison. It's important to note the U.S. Armed Forces do NOT allow any type of mist or spray abatement systems, and for good reason!

SpringStar House Fly Trap   NO LONGER AVAILABLE This trap is cool! It works on visual imagery, just like Walt Disney and Bambi. At $5 bucks a pop it will capture "hundreds" of flies. I'll tell you what, make that $15 bucks and one FliesBeGone fly trap and KILL 20,000 flies and be done with it! (I'm waiting for the smoke & mirrors trap).

Horse Pal  Good product? It's a case of over kill with a $225.00 investment! (Here's fly traps with balls!). The whole purpose of this gadget rests with the fly-catching-glass-jar on top (I circled it in red). Gads! The jar is about the size of our FliesBeGone fly trap! WOW! This Rube Goldberg device does exactly what FliesBeGone does. If you're an Erector set fan like me when I was a kid in the 1950's this trap is for you!

So the question now is: "How many FliesBeGone fly traps can I buy for $225.00?" Answer: 15 (fifteen) FliesBeGone fly traps! That'll last you 15 months or typically 3yrs of FliesBeGone! And no Tinker Toy to build, no heavy ball to manage (you have to be kidding), no maintenance and no gadget for horses to knock over! Beside, you can simply hang your FliesBeGone with the already attached string on a nearby tree.

FlyWeb Insect Management   People in bar management should be experts in bar flies! But, seriously, I like this product, however there's no mention of how many (bar?) flies it will kill or if I can use it outside near my patio or animals with any confidence. Unfortunately, UV lamp products are ineffective outdoors while the sun is out.

The site offers something called FlyWeb Glue Cards which goes back to the classic sticky things. Great product for indoors. The only problem I've ever had with the sticky papers is getting the flies to land on them. Don't they have one with an attractant built in?

The Final Test
I offer you TWO final tests while evaluating fly trap products;
1. Look for pictures of the product in use especially in sever high density fly areas such as Iraq. I maintain there is NOT another fly trap site on the Internet with amazing evidence pictures as Flied Be Gone. Every photograph was contributed to us by the brave
men and women of our Armed Forces in Iraq.

2. Look for fly trap products that display the prestigious NSN number similar to ours below. This number was awarded to FliesBeGone by the U.S. Department of Defense after passing rigorous demands set forth in actual, real-time, high demand, combat situations and environments by their evaluators. That's direct testimony to the durability, ease of use, economy AND, effectiveness of FliesBeGone fly traps!

18 Billion Flies Can't Be Wrong!
And Enjoy A Fly Free Summer!

::::: Attn: Military and Government Buyers :::::
FliesBeGone has been awarded
the US Department of Defense
prestigious NSN 3740-01-523-0708
















We expected a lot more competition but they've all gone away.
Maybe we'll get lucky tomorrow.


Used in Iraq by U.S. Armed Forces!
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