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A Little History on Flies Be Gone non-toxic fly traps

World renown Flies Be Gone non-toxic fly traps were developed by entomologist (bug experts) in Johannesburg, South Africa to fight the worst flies in the world. Their goal was to produce an economical, easy to use, user friendly, environmentally friendly, ozone friendly fly trap that is safe to have around children and pets. Also it was urgent to have a well-designed trap CATCH and hold the flies to break the reproduction cycle. Available fly repellents and sprays CANNOT do this!

The Flies Be Gone "ultra biomass" bait was developed by leading university researchers and entomologists along with clever industrial designers and plastics engineers in the early 1980's creating Flies Be Gone non-toxic fly traps. This proven, sucessful time-tested, and often immitated design is the world renown
Flies Be Gone non-toxic fly trap is you see today.

FliesBeGone non-toxic fly traps costs only a fraction of insecticides and works far more effectively. Flies Be Gone, sold under various names, has provided successful fly control since 1981 throughout the African continent, Europe, North, Central and South America and parts of Asia. Flies Be Gone is used in more than 30 countries worldwide and is patented worldwide.

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The following is a list of questions about Flies Be Gone non-toxic fly traps we've been asked since 1981. If you don't find YOUR question answered here or want more information please email us at flymaster@FlyMaster.Biz .
We promise to get an answer to you within 24hrs!

1. Why Use A Flies Be Gone Fly Trap & Not A Repellent?
Have you given thought to where the flies go after you repel them? They come right back to lay there eggs elsewhere on your food or property!! Why not trap them for good so they don't have a chance to come back? Flies Be Gone is much better than any repellent as it becomes a haven for flies to lay their eggs which hatch inside the trap unable to escape! See our pictures from the Bahamas Consistant use of Flies Be Gone will help stop the egg-laying cycle thus reducing the fly population dramatically. The flies and their eggs die inside the Flies Be Gone fly trap!

2. Is Flies Be Gone designed for indoor or outdoor use?
The idea is to PREVENT flies from entering the indoors, keeping out of working and living spaces. This is what Flies Be Gone does.

The Ultra Biomass bait is composed of sterilized food materials. Pour the bait into the trap and add water. When they warm in the sun, food scents drift out of the trap and into a wide area of the atmosphere. This attracts the flies. The warmer the weather, the quicker this happens. Flies Be Gone should be placed outdoors in direct sunlight. Not indoors and not under a roof.

The closest exception
is in very warm climates such as semi-deserts and desert areas where it routinely gets around 100F. In these areas the day temperature and evening temperatures are warm enough to activate the Ultra Biomass in the trap without being directly exposed to the sun. This will allow you to hang your Flies Be Gone under an eve, a tree or any shaded area outdoors and it will still work very well. Still watch the water level, though, as it WILL evaporate more.

3. Does the Ultra Biomass Bait begin to attract flies immediately?
AFTER A FEW DAYS. The bait must warm in the sun and the scents be carried into the atmosphere, as mentioned above. In warm weather, this begins to happen in about 2 days. In cooler climates, it can take a few more days to reach full tempo. The process can be speeded up by activating the bait with water and keeping the solution warm in a jar indoors before transferring it outdoors. In both warm and cool climates, the activation can be speeded up by adding in a pinch of your local damp soil to your Flies Be Gone.
4. Is FliesBeGone Toxic, Poisonous, or an Insecticide?
NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. Hope we have made this point clear.
5. Over how large an area is the trap effective?
About 150 to 300 feet (50 to 100 meters) radius.
6. What do we do with it when it is time to replace the trap?
You can safely just throw it away but we strongly suggest cutting the bag and burying the contents in the soil. Or if you are a bit adventuresome, the contents can be emptied into a flower bed since the decomposing flies make an EXCELLENT natural fertilizer (NOT recommended for vegetable gardens).
7. Is there an odor?
SOME. There might be as the flies begin to decompose. Most odor comes when the Flies Be Gone becomes full of dead flies, as with any trap. When Flies Be Gone is 3/4 full, it's time to replace. We strongly recommend replacing the trap as soon as it appears full so as to maintain effectiveness in the area you are protecting. However, should your trap not be 3/4 full the best solution is to move the trap downwind or change the trap a bit more frequently. If you are not getting as many flies in the trap as normal that's really good news as it indicates that the trap is breaking the reproduction cycle!

8. What happens if the water evaporates due to my local climate?
Best thing is to top it up with your garden hose or watering can. There should be a minum of 3 inches ( 7.5 cm ) of water in the trap. My rule of thumb is to keep the trap 3/4 full.

9. How long does it take to unpack the unit and add the bait ? In other words, ready to use?
About 45 seconds.

10. How big is each shipping pack?
Each trap ships in it's individually plastic, hermetically sealed pack that is one inch (2.5 cm) in depth.

11. Does it catch other types of insects and bugs as well?
YES. Not as well as the flies themselves, but definitely yes. Any insect that feeds on meat products or attracted to any form of bio mass such as spoiling food will enter your Flies Be Gone fly trap.

12. How long and how far will the Flies Be Gone work?
Your Flies Be Gone will be effective for 4 to 6 weeks with a range of 50 to 100 yards. That's powerful.

13. Will Flies Be Gone have any affect on local fly population?
YES. Flies Be Gone is strongly effective in decreasing the fly problem of an area, even pesticide resistant flies.

14. Is Flies Be Gone just a household product or is it used profesionally?
FliesBeGone has been used extensively in the pest control industry around the world for decades.

15. Nearly all fly abatement products on the market are toxic. What about Flies Be Gone?
Flies Be Gone has NO toxins, NO poisons, NO insecticides. NO kidding!
16. How many flies can Flies BeGone catch and how fast?
Flies Be Gone catches up to 20,000 flies and up to ten times faster than other traps.
17. What do I have to do as far as maintenance?
FliesBeGone is maintenance free and completely disposable. Nothing to clean up!
18. OK, What about pesky fruit flies, does Flies Be Gone get rid of them also?
Flies Be Gone is highly effective on fruit flies. Used extensively in the pest control industry.
19. I have a chicken ranch. Can it help me keep my fly population down?
Flies Be Gone is a farmer’s true friend for use in the poultry industry, on dairy farms, stables, livestock ranches, feed lots, kennels, waste products. You'll be pleased with its effectiveness and economy. Keep in mind these industries lose over $1 Million annually due to damage caused by flies!
20. At my restaurant we're constantly getting complaints about flies. Can Flies Be Gone help?
YES indeed! Restaurant dumpsters are your primary source of flies at any restaurant. Anywhere that flies are a problem Flies Be Gone will help. Set it up away from your kitchen, near the dumpster, and flies will be under control. Restaurants from the high-end type to small eateries are one of our largest commercial customers. The ALL use Flies Be Gone non-toxic fly traps. TIP: watch the electronic fly traps in many flies do THEY catch? Not many.
21. Is Flies Be Gone good around the house also?
YES, it's GREAT for home use OUTDOORS. If it is effective on a farm, you can be sure it will work for your home. The Flies Be Gone will catch the flies before they enter your home or out buildings.
22. Who developed the bait for FliesBeGone?
Flies Be Gone's NON-TOXIC Ultra Biomass bait developed by leading university researchers (see 'History' above). Flies Be Gone non-toxic fly traps have been in use worldwide for over 30 years.
23. I'm concerned about Flies Be Gone safe for the atmosphere?
YES it is and user friendly, enviroment friendly, and ozone friendly (just don't tell the flies that!).

24. What about cost compared to insecticides?
FliesBeGone costs only a fraction of insecticides and works far more effectively. Also ZERO environmental impact as there are no wayward spray blowing around. TIP: The U.S. Armed Forces DO NOT allow the use of insecticide sprays. The reasons are obvious; NO poisons in the air to injure the troops AND NO poisonous wayward spray blowing around where it shouldn't be.

25. How long has Flies Be Gone been around?
Flies Be Gone has been controling flies successfully around the world since 1981.
26. Is there a guarantee?
YES! If you are not fully satisfied, just return the unit within 30 days of date of purchase for a full refund.

27. YIKES! My pet ate my Flies Be Gone! What do I do????
First, don't worry! Your Flies Be Gone is 100% non-toxic and the flies are 100% protein. The ONLY consideration is where the flies have been. WE'VE NEVER HAD A CAUSUALTY from Flies Be Gone. The worst that can happen is your pet having a bad stomach ache.

28. Are your fly traps refillable?
NO. The whole idea is to get rid of the flies with no maintenance. When full just throw it out.
29. Who uses Flies Be Gone non-toxic fly traps?
Everyone with flies! Restaurants, Horse Ranches, Homeowners, Grocery Stores, Pet Shops and Kennels, you name it! If there is a potential for flies Flies Be Gone will solve your problem.

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