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How To Convert Your FliesBeGone Fly Trap Into A
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Fruit flies, as with common flies, wasps, ants, cockroaches and other insects respond to different stimulii. All these insects are looking to feed as per their specific diet and unique place to lay their eggs. In so doing they are attracted by different types of matter for which you have specific traps custom engineered by scientist for each type of insect. Hence, you'll never see one trap for all insects. But here we come close.

Give your FliesBeGone extra life in capturing pestering fruit flies by using your USED, clean FliesBeGone fly trap to catch fruit flies. The instructions on the right, courtesy of the University of Nebraska, shows how easy it is. Just substitute your USED FliesBeGone fly trap and pour a can of beer into the trap and hang anywhere where your fruit flies are a problem. Hanging it in the sun is a good place to start.

FliesBeGone non-toxic fly traps are the only multi-use fly trap in the world!

1. FliesBeGone is an extremely effective and economical fly trap as validated by the U.S. Armed Forces around the world!

2. When the FliesBeGone fly trap is full empty the contents into your flower bed as fertilizer!

3. Your USED FliesBeGone fly trap can then be converted into an effective Fruit Fly Trap extending the life of this valuable product!

( fertilizer is NOT for edible plants )
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