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18 Billion Flies Can't Be Wrong!

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You have a fly problem?



Hang the FLIESbeGONE trap away from your protected area and add
the Ultra Biomass Bait.

Nobody wants disease carrying flies near your home or work place. FliesBeGone is you economical answer!
Adding bait is easy!
Add 1 quart of water. Add a little more water if you're in a hot climate.
Watch the flies leave your protected area and come to the trap.

Now flies go to the trap instead of your house.

Hang your FliesBeGone out in the sun. In a few days you'll be catching flies!
Rest your pointer on each picture for more information.
FliesBeGone fly traps were developed in South Africa to help combat some of the filthiest insects in the world. Determined scientists used the latest technology to create a fly trap that is non-toxic, inexpensive and most of all highly effective. Proven results and economy are behind the success of FliesBeGone.   Now OK 'd by the U.S. government FliesBeGone is available in the United States (see our MSDS sheet). Successfully controlling flies since 1981, FliesBeGone is used in 27 countries, user friendly, environmentally safe and works far more effectively at a fraction of the cost of insecticides.
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Used in Iraq by U.S. Armed Forces!
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