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18 Billion Flies Can't Be Wrong!

Flies Be Gone Home
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The United States Armed Forces around the world, and in Iraq and Afghanistan are using FLIESbeGONE traps EXCLUSIVELY for one very important reason...
No Maintenance!
Earth Friendly Non-Toxic!
FLIESbeGONE are used at crossing  gates everywhere our soldiers are present.
A sign of "Thanks" from some of our grateful troops in Iraq where flies are a big problem. LOOK at all the trapped flies!
What Makes Flies Be Gone Is So Effective
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Contact Us You have to give FLIESbeGONE a few days to warm up. You can see its starting to do its job.         This is day 4. Between day 4 and day 10 is  when  your area really starts to clear of unwanted flies.       By day 10 we had NO flies in the patio 40 feet away!  Amazing!       Day 20.  Amazing!  Flies make there nest in the trap leaving our backyard entirely clear of flies. This is significant as we have 2 dogs that use the back yard as a restroom!
Here is day-3 through day-10 and then day-20 where FLIESbeGONE is loaded with trapped flies. The best part is that there are NO flies bothering anyone in the patio 40 feet away! You'll notice the more expensive, half-empty, sad-looking competitor that's been in the neighbor's yard for the same length of time. Impressed? Don't Wait! Get your FliesBeGone NOW!

FLIESbeGONE as it comes in it's sealed plastic pack "ready to use."

Shouldn't YOU be using FLIESbeGONE?

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Used in Iraq by U.S. Armed Forces!
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