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Flies congregate around the FliesBeGone so it's placed far away keeping the hanger clear. Even though FliesBeGone is NOT poisonous, the "POISON" sign was posted to keep personnel away from unhealthy flies.
  We're delighted to get these pictures from one of our helicopter crews showing their FliesBeGone on duty in Iraq! One soldier wrote "FliesBeGone is's the best fly trap we'd ever seen!"

The local Iraquis have been so impressed they are buying their own FLIESbeGONE fly traps.
"We use FliesBeGone in our camp in Iraq. It has reduced my pesticide applications for flies around the camp by 70% in the past two years. I believe it actually broke the life cycle here inside the base."
Nathaniel O. Area Vector Control Manager, U.S. Armed Forces, Iraq.

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Used in Iraq by U.S. Armed Forces!
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