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"I'm a Bomb Dog Handler here in Baghdad,.....We were overrun by flies, could not eat our food without ingesting the flies as well......I counted 75 flies on my arms and hands.....Our "Bug Man" put out 3-4 of your traps.... in days life was good...."    
- Dennis B.
U.S. Army, Baghdad, Iraq

"Hi Everyone at Flies Be Gone,
My name is Wendi Strobel and I live in the High Desert of Los Angeles County. I live on a 1/2 acre piece of property with 2 horses, 3 dogs, 2 cats, 1 parrott, and various wild birds, bunnies, and squirrels. We all wanted to write to you and say that WE LOVE FLIES BE GONE!!! It is so easy to use, dosen't smell like other products (believe me I have tried them all!), and IT WORKS! It is so hot up here in the summer that I figured we were similar to Iraq so I ordered the Intro pack and my GOODNESS the flies in the trap are amazing and yucky! The ease of disposal is fabulous. I time my 3 weeks with the Trash man and bye bye flies! I just ordered the summer pack and will keep Flies Be Gone until the first frost. The difference it has made to my 18 year old horse is a miracle! I have predators, auto sprays, and mask and spray my horses every day. The flies still bother my old mare. With Flies Be Gone, no more bothering my girl! Or my dogs and even the wild rabbits like to hang out on my back lawn because that's where Flies Be Gone is hanging on an old outdoor easel for artwork. It kindof looks like a lamp in the yard or somthing art like. Sorry for going on and on, but your product works!.........
- Wendi Strobel, Los Angeles, CA

"I used the Flies Be Gone in Iraq for nearly 2 years under some of the harshest conditions imaginable. On Camp Fallujah the Flies Be Gone were the only method available due to restrictions on spraying. Working alone, the Flies Be Gone traps allowed our troops to work and eat in a fly free environment without the need for pesticides."
- Rocco Moschetti, IRAQ

"Greatly impressed with your fly traps! They have trapped thousands of flies!!!!! Great product" - -David C., Honolulu, HAWAII

"It is so simple and so logical. Why didn't anyone think of this before? It hurts to think of all the money I spent on harmful poisons."
- A satisfied customer.

"We use Flies be Gone in our camp in Iraq. It has reduced my pesticide applications for flies around the camp by 70% in the past two years. I believe it actually broke the life cycle here inside the base." - Nathaniel O., Area Vector Control Mngr, IRAQ.

"Just wanted to let you know that I, and my neighbors, were greatly impressed with your fly traps. They have trapped thousands of flies!!!!!!!! GREAT PRODUCT!"    
- David. C, Honolulu, HAWAII

"After puchasing and using your product, there is only one word for it......FABULOUS!!! I couldn't be more pleased. I have a small flock of geese and flies had infested their feeding and breeding areas because of the droppings. The day after I hung up the trap, I could already see results! I will swear by your product forever, and have already recommended ti everyone I know who has outdoor animals. Thanks for a wonderful product." 
Pat W., Griswold, CONNETICUIT

"I'm impressed! I used it by the pool and it's wonderful! All those flies in that trap, amazing! Better than anything I've ever seen. No more flies bothering us this summer!"
- Joan B., San Bernardino,

"Last year, I purchased and utilized the fly trap. I found it to be quite amazing in the quickness and quantity of flies taken out of circulation. Great Product." - John P., NEW JERSEY

"Yucaipa used to be the fly capital of California because of all the chicken ranches. Well, they're gone now but we still get flies here and this thing works great. I just wish I had your fly trap years ago....." - Alfredo E., Yucaipa, CALIFORNIA

"Working better than ever expected. I have no hesitation recommending it to anyone!"  
- Ray Smith

"Works wonderful, and many people around here have been impressed with it."  
- C. K. Forman

"After having tried many methods of fly control without meaningful result, a friend suggested yours. It is now several months later and I have four in use on my farm. I am more than statisfied with the results." - HOPEDALE FARM

"We are in the beef hide and fur skin industry. There is an abundance of flies on our premises. We put one of your flytraps to use here at our business and it is very effective."   
- Alberta, CANADA

"When I first got the trap I liked the simplicity.....we tried so many. I knew we had a bad fly problem but would this fix it? Everyone was astounded after a month as the bag was FULL of flies and not one left in our yard! We're on our 4th trap going on two years....wish we had your trap 20 years ago. Thanks!"
- Mike G., Rialto, CALIFORNIA

"Thanks for this wonderful trap."  - R.E. Spears

"WORKS GREAT!"   - B. Takacs 
"I run a small Bed & Breakfast in Onset, MA. We have lots if trash and thus, flies! I was reluctant at first as to if the traps would work but they were full in about 2 weeks, yuck! I disposed of the two fly traps and within 3 days the property was swarming again. I immediately had to order more. They are a must have!"  Thanks,
-Sue Ann, Onset, MA.

"You have a GREAT product."
- Chris, Beverly, MA

"The darndest damn thing I'd ever seen. All them damn flies, lots of flies...can't count 'em all, too many! What a load of crappy least they're in the bag not on me!"
Fred Wilson, Greensboro, NC

"I ordered two of your fly catchers. I am so very pleased that I ordered 3 more. This product is wonderful. It has helped me so much getting rid of those pesky flies. I have horses, chickens and dogs and my fly population has been drastically reduced. I will certainly recommend your product to everyone I know who has horses. Many thanks" Sally P. Carter, Loma Rica, CA

"Thought that I'd let you know that I use your product on my ranch and this year I have had so few flies that one would think it's winter time. These traps work GREAT!!!!!!! And I'm sure my 14 horses appreciate them.............."   Ron M., Caliente, CA

"I am so pleased with the results of three months of fly traps that I ordered five more with the promise of six traps. Texas is pretty much a year round fly breeding ground unless horse owners are really diligent about manure management, and the fly traps have really made a huge difference. My horses would applaud your product if they could, and I will gladly lend my support. My barn staff says that the odor that comes after a week or so when the trap fills with the flies is less of a problem than all those flies. Thanks again,"   Barbara from Katy, Texas.


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