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This is awesome!, July 6, 2006
By Joseph Nicholas

This thing is awesome. I didn't have that many flies in my back yard, but they were around. The fly trap arrived last Wednesday, I set it up according to the instructions and hung it in a tree in an out of the way spot. After returning from a long weekend, I was thrilled to see that the thing was 1/4 full- probably 1000 flies at least. I haven't noticed any smell, but I can say that it is not the most esthetically pleasing thing, but what do you expect for a fly trap? This is awesome!

Urban application a little different. Dog owners please read., August 19, 2008
By Curtis Gomez (Burbank, CA USA) - See all my reviews

I have to say that this thing catches a lot of flies. The first day it caught fifty and after that it ramped up quickly to two or three hundred a day. But if you live in a city like I do you may not be able to get this thing far enough away from you. The instructions tell you to place it at least 35 feet from the area that you use. But 50 feet is probably better, as the flies are gathering in heavy numbers within 15 feet of the bait. After a few day the bait smell is also obvious at that distance. So if you have a large backyard (I do not) put the trap in the farthest corner. Or if you don't like your neighbors...
The bait is a smelly powdered protein meal that reminds me of dog kibble. My dog went on a sniffing frenzy when I received the box. She is also lured to the hanging bait. So if you have pets make sure they can't reach it. It's not toxic, but believe me, you wouldn't want to clean that mess.
As far as the fly types it catches in my yard, 99.9% are green bottle and blue bottle flies (AKA blow flies) and a few house flies. I have observed many flesh flies lured to it but the trap cover has too narrow a gap for them to enter comfortably. You could leave the top off I suppose but the added water would evaporate quicker in the recommended direct sun. Other extremely tiny fly types I could not identify were also lured but in very few numbers.
Yes I spent a lot of time staring at the trap.

COMMENT: In the dozen years Flies Be Gone has been in use NO PETS have died from eating this product. The bag contains 100% protein, so the worst that happens is a bad stomach ache!

Works great. Just one thing......, August 9, 2007
By W. M. Floyd "Go Braves!" (SE GA) - See all my reviews

We bought this trap in an effort to battle our terrible fly problem. I think the flies are coming from our 2 dogs, but we also have a lot of flies around our trash can. This trap works wonders. It is a very effective alternative to spraying poisons around the house. It is very easy to set up. All you do is pour in the bait and some warm water and hang it up. Based on the instructions, we hung it on the side of our house where we don't spend a lot of time. Although there is a foul odor (the bait as well as rotting flies) because of where we hung it, this was not a problem. I found it to be very satisfying checking the trap every day to see how many flies it had caught. I'm not just talking about 10 or 20 flies, I'm talking about hundreds or thousands of flies.

The only problem I had was that it filled up with too much water when it rained. I placed a hook on the corner of my eaves and hung the trap from the hook. However, it was not protected from the rain or sprinkler. Next time, I will hang the trap up under the eave so it will not fill up with water and prevent flies from entering the trap.

The trap was very easy to dispose of also. Just snap the top back down, place in a plastic grocery bag, and throw away. I love products that actually work!

Flies area gone !!!, January 22, 2007
By Carlos Enrique Ungo - See all my reviews

Just three words about this product: NO MORE FLIES. I installed and within a day it startes catching (and killing) flies.

Flies Be Gone trap review, May 24, 2007
By K. Jenae (California) - See all my reviews

For myself having used those smaller Rescue fly traps around my barn, I found this trap no more effective. Sad to find out considering the price.

Great product, but there are cheaper and comparable stuff out there., September 1, 2008
By Al (CA, USA) - See all my reviews

I have great results using the Flies be gone fly trap. It took a couple of days to activate, but once after that it can traps inches of flies. However, I've tried a similar product from RESCUE (which is available at local hardware stores for only $5.00) which also worked as great. Maybe I have too many flies to begin with, which makes it impossible to separate the good from the excellent, but with the local availability and 1/3 of the cost, the other product wins hands down for me.

COMMENT: The RESCUE product is only 1/4 the size of Flies Be Gone See Dinky Vs. Macho...How many flies can THAT catch? (Rescue doesn't say). You'll have to use 4 Resues for ONE Flies Be Gone! Let's see, that's $5x4=$20! You could buy ONE FBG and save $5.00!

Awesome., July 13, 2007
By Narvel Phelps "narvelp" (New York, NY United States) - See all my reviews

What can I say except: 1) it took about 3 minutes to set up and 2) it works GREAT.

THIS THING IS INSANE L O L, August 14, 2009
By Filet Mignon (Pasadena, CA) - See all my reviews

Wow, this is an insane piece of work. Put this up in your backyard, stand back, and be amazed at the awesomeness that is the Flies Be Gone Fly Trap. The bag will literally fill up with thousands of flies. It will get so gross that maggots will start showing up in the bag as well. Cool. So purchase this bad boy, get a can of soda, prop up your lawn chair, and watch those flies soaking in their own juices. The creator of this product deserves a Nobel Prize.

The flies in my backyard used to eat away my dog's ears till it bled. Now, the Flies Be Gone. A++.

COMMENT: Thanks for the Nobel Prize nomination! 'Very much appreciated.

This thing works like no other! , June 19, 2007
By Mastopiero "mastropiero" (Garden City, NY USA) - See all my reviews

It takes about 3-4 days to start working but after that, it's the most incredible product for flies!
100% organic. That means no chemicals!
Please look at the pictures i posted, and that's only 2 and 1/2 weeks in Long Island, New York.
You can't go wrong here. Make sure you buy at least 2 or 3 because when it's full and you throe it away, you'll miss it.

Incredible, July 30, 2006
By D. Elliot "elliot" (CA, USA) - See all my reviews

I was not sure this was going to work since no spray seemed to work. My husband even laughed at me,saying that this product would not work... well my husband & I are believers, my husband just told me to order 2 more!

It really does work!, May 30, 2006
By Jennifer Hierholzer "Jen" (Spearman, Texas USA) - See all my reviews

I am a skeptic, but the flies in our new house were out of control!! I don't like using pesticides because of the kids and wildlife so I reluctanly ordered the Flies be Gone...6 days later the flies ARE gone!! We can enjoy our patio. It is incredible how well this product works!!!

Works good, smells terrible, August 10, 2007
By C. Tescar - See all my reviews

Put it far away from your house and you'll be fine. This thing attracts flies like crazy!

COMMENT: When you have the choice of having flies on you and your food, the smell alternative is much easier to take. Ask anyone whoever had to work in their backyard!

Now "THIS" Fly Trap Works! You could ask the flies but, they are DEAD!, July 29, 2009
By J. McCann "The Unknown Critic" (Fife Lake, MI.) - See all my reviews

After first buying the cheaper FARNAM product "fly trap", and, it didn't work hardly at all,.....even after giving it a double-dose of the smelly fly attractant, I ordered "FLIES BE GONE" here at AMAZON. In just 2 days, after delivery, and hanging it;....the Flies Be Gone had doubled in what my Farnam product caught in 2 weeks.

Now, I've had it out for 4 days, and this Flies Be Gone is really killing em' dead. They go to it like a Lion would to a dead Antelope!

You can't go wrong! This product really works, and, it's nice to be able to walk out onto my porch and not have flies flying in. I have mine hanging just next to my door outside, and, the flies are actually fighting each other to commit suicide! They don't even bother to sit or hang around my porch. They are sitting on top of the Flies Be Gone receptacle!

Yes, the Flies Be Gone costs more than the Farnam product, but, it comes down to how much you want it to work! This Flies Be Gone works I guarantee it! It's basement and garage innovators that come up with these neat inventions, and, whom ever created this product is a rocket scientist, and, a rich one at that!

Trap Works Well but ..., September 30, 2009
By Humble Patriot (New England) - See all my reviews

Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
The trap works well but the odor is overwhelming. I used to drive a truck for FedEx Ground in the Northeast, and each autumn the sporting goods stores would get shipments of fox urine and deer urine. Even though the urine was in sealed plastic containers, the odor was revolting and it always stunk up the truck really bad for days. These traps smell just like the urine shipments; no wonder the flies love them. You will need a big backyard for this one, and you'll want to put it as far away from your house as possible. When I finally took the trap down for disposal, I was gagging so violently from the smell that I almost lost it. By this time, though, the smell had mutated into something unspeakable. Be forewarned.

COMMENT: As with ALL fly traps, Flies Be Gone's ordor gets bad only when filled with dead flies! The most appreciaed word in this review is "Trap Works". Thanks!

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