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Dear Valued Retailer:

TENS of THOUSANDS of Flies Be Gone non-toxic fly traps are shipped
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Information on Special Retail Pricing and FREE shipping available upon request.
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Flies Be Gone has the unique and prestigious NSN 3740-01-523-0708 number
issued by the U.S. Department of Defense.

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The Flies Be Gone package:
Hermetically sealed plastic odor-free package.
9" wide
9.5" tall
1" thick and
weighs 5.6 oz.
Printed in English & Spanish.
Trap, attractant, lid and instuction sheet; one side English, back in Spanish.


FREE Floor Display!

With purchase of 18 Flies Be Gone non-toxic fly traps.Specifications:
62” tall
16” deep
9” wide
Holds 18 fly traps.
Ships in one box including 18 Flies Be Gone fly traps.
EASY assembly

Day 3

Day 4

Day 10

Day 20 with
a competitor


Information on Special Retail Pricing and FREE
shipping available upon request.

Email the FlyMaster

The Final Test In Buying A Fly Trap
I offer you TWO final tests while evaluating fly trap products;
1. Look for pictures of the product in use especially in sever high density fly areas such as Iraq. I maintain there is NOT another fly trap site on the Internet with amazing evidence pictures as Flies Be Gone non-toxic fly traps. (Every photograph was contributed to us by the brave men and
women of our Armed Forces in Iraq

2. Look for fly trap products that display the prestigious NSN number similar to ours below. This number was awarded to FliesBeGone by the U.S. Department of Defense after passing rigorous demands set forth in actual, real-time, high demand, combat situations and environments. That's direct testimony to the durability, ease of use, economy AND, effectiveness of FliesBeGone non-toxic fly traps!

Billion Flies Can't Be Wrong!

And Enjoy A Fly Free Summer!

::::: Attn: Military and Government Buyers :::::
FliesBeGone has been awarded
the US Department of Defense
prestigious NSN 3740-01-523-0708

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