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Why we sell Flies Be Gone non-toxic fly traps

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Why we sell Flies Be Gone non-toxic fly traps

TriAdWorld International Advertising has been in the Advertising/Graphics business since 1972. That’s nearly 40 years with an impressive international client list comparable to any small, successful Ad agency in America. But every once in a while a client comes along with a product that is really impressive, a product that outperforms anything we’d ever seen before; an advertising agency’s DREAM, a product that sells itself. The Flies Be Gone non-toxic fly trap is truly this type of rare product; a unique product that does EXACTLY what it claims and at a price that is more than reasonable. What an opportunity!

Let me digress a bit. As it would happen I actually found our client after trying various well-known brands of fly traps from Home Depot and our local ACE Hardware store. The traps worked OK, some had to be ‘feed’ bait, others had to be cleaned out all the time but they all came with health warnings as the traps were NOT eco-friendly and/or were poisonous to pets and children. Having both pets and children at home made me very concerned. Also there was no information on how many flies they will eliminate or how long they’ll last or any guaranties. Plus I needed a fly trap that was easy to maintain and economical because I didn’t know how many of these traps we needed for our thousands of flies since we live near a horse ranch.

In June, 2005 I ordered two Flies Be Gone non-toxic fly traps on the Internet from an outfit in Atlanta, Georgia. I put one up at my home in San Bernardino, California. So to see if the claims for Flies Be Gone fly traps were true I decided to document them with photographs. Those photographs from my backyard are now being used all over the world in their advertising.

Wow! After a few days the traps were full of flies! I was so astonished I sent my photo record and a ‘thank you’ letter with some advertising ideas to the seller in Georgia. We soon not only got a new client to market their Flies Be Gone non-toxic fly traps but we became one of his distributors.

By the end of July we had our www.FlyMaster.Biz website up and selling. Our Flies Be Gone sales doubled annually from 2005 through 2007 with 20% in return customers. In 2006 we started sending with our orders our now famous Fly Paper Newsletter with tips on how to get the best from your Flies Be Gone but also other ideas for the traps and more.

In March 2008 we completely revamped our FlyMaster.Biz website, updating and expanding it with new and more valuable information for our customers. We also made ordering Flies Be Gone non-toxic fly traps easier for you resulting in 2008 being our best year ever by TRIPPLING our already superb 2007 sales. The nicest thing is that Flies Be Gone non-toxic fly traps sold themselves!

Our success was multiplied by more smart folks selling Flies Be Gone non-toxic fly traps in stores and on the Internet. This is testament to not only the quality of Flies Be Gone but to its PROVEN RESULTS statement, ease of use and economy.

The beginning of 2009 started with uncertainty for everyone because of the bad economy. Flies Be Gone sales were boosted by a new and more dynamic package design that was easier to read and were easier to pack for shipping. Plus, because of folks wanting to save money with greater concern for personal health, folks included Flies Be Gone non-toxic fly traps as a first step toward preventative healthcare to ensure the good health of our families, pets, horses and other animals.

We are honored and delighted to part of Flies Be Gone family of sellers around the world enjoying the success of this great product and helping folks like you enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Thousands of restaurants, kennels, pet hospitals, farms to horse ranches across the world who now count on Flies Be Gone non-toxic fly traps to help protect what is most important to everyone; their good health!     The Design Team at TriAdWorld


The Final Test In Buying A Fly Trap

I offer you TWO final tests while evaluating fly trap products;
1. Look for pictures of the product in use especially in sever high density fly areas such as Iraq. I maintain there is NOT another fly trap site on the Internet with amazing evidence pictures as Flies Be Gone non-toxic fly traps. (Every photograph was contributed to us by the brave men and
women of our Armed Forces in Iraq

2. Look for fly trap products that display the prestigious NSN number similar to ours below. This number was awarded to FliesBeGone by the U.S. Department of Defense after passing rigorous demands set forth in actual, real-time, high demand, combat situations and environments. That's direct testimony to the durability, ease of use, economy AND, effectiveness of FliesBeGone non-toxic fly traps!

Billion Flies Can't Be Wrong!

::::: Attn: Military and Government Buyers :::::
FliesBeGone has been awarded
the US Department of Defense
prestigious NSN 3740-01-523-0708

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